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Panasonic unveil ‘mission critical’ Toughbook tablet

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic announced a new 10.1-inch rugged Toughbook Android tablet aimed at the enterprise market.

Panasonic said that the Toughbook Tablet would appeal to a wide variety of users including ‘mission critical’ government personnel. Could we be looking at Bond’s new tablet?

The manufacturer didn’t provide a detailed list of specifications but they did say that the Toughbook tablet will feature a high brightness daylight viewable screen and it will also come with an ‘active stylus’ which they said was suitable for capturing signatures on the 10.1-inch XGA multi-touch display.

Saying only that the Toughbook tablet is ‘Android-based’, the only other features on offer are GPS functionality and optional 3G. Presumably the real selling point is that if you drop it from a modest height it wont smash into a million peices.

If it’s tough enough, perhaps Bond could even use the tablet as an impromptu shield or even an improvised weapon. We keenly await the first motion picture rendering of a man being killed by an expertly weilded tablet PC.

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