Publisher sacks them on them on the spot

PR firm begs forgiveness after Duke Nukem ‘blacklist’ threat

A California-based games PR agency was forced to apologise after threatening to black list the games press for posting poor reviews of Duke Nukem Forever.

"Too many went too far with their reviews… we r reviewing who gets games next time and who doesn’t based on today’s venom," tweeted Redner Group’s Jim Redner, along with a string of tweets complaining of unfair reviews of the Metacritic 49%-rated game.

The backlash was rapid and merciless with sites like Ars Technica and Kotaku covering the tweet. Both posted editorials acknowledging that games industry PR ‘blacklisting’ goes on but rarely in public.

Duke Nukem Forever publisher 2K Games told Kotaku that they did not endorse the comments and said "The Redner Group no longer represents our products."

Redner responded by posting an email out to the press to "humbly ask for your forgiveness". Given the number of mentions of "acting alone" in the email and followup tweets, the loss of clients may have had something to do with it.

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