Survey says stakeholders have an uphill battle

Consumers clueless about NFC ‘mobile wallets’

Retailers, phone-makers and mobile networks need to do more to convince consumers before so-called ‘mobile wallet’ near-field communications technology is to take off, according to a new YouGov survey.

While consumers find the idea of paying for items with their phones attractive, according to YouGov’s Russell Feldman, "it is down to mobile operators and handset manufacturers to work with retailers to educate consumers about the real advantages of paying for items in this way," he said.

"We believe once people have seen it in practice – and are reassured about the measures in place to protect their financial and personal security – they will be quick to adopt it and the industry will reap the rewards."

Among those who said they weren’t interested in a ‘digital wallet, over half those surveyed said they were happy with existing payment methods (67 per cent) or had concerns about security and fraud (58 per cent).

The vast majority (90 per cent) had never even heard of NFC. YouGov failed to ask how many of them knew how to silence their phone’s keypad tones.

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