Image stabilisation for video playback

AMD Catalyst 11.6 drivers to fix ‘shaky cam’ YouTube

Chocolatier chipmaker AMD has released new Catalyst 11.6 drivers for the firm’s range of graphics cards, adding game-specific performance increases and nifty new feature called Steady Video.

The updated driver suite includes better support for the chipmaker’s APUs, hot on the heels of the appearance of the firm’s new A-series of ‘Llano’ APUs.

The drivers also bring boosted performance to a number of PC games such as 5 per cent performance boost for Far Cry 2. Windows 7-related multi-GPU Crossfire bugs have also been ironed out in the release.

The new Steady Video feature is based on what AMD says is ‘AMD APP Technology’, which the firm said applies ‘advanced algorithms’ so that ‘users do not have to deal with shaky or unstable video ever again,’ the firm said.

AMD specifically sited YouTube as a prime target for the image stabilization technology. Lord knows there’s enough shakey cam footage on Google’s free-for-all video upload site.

AMD Steady Video is only available on the AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series, although AMD’s ever-quirky US PR department called it a ‘Raedon HD 6000’. That’s either a dishwasher or a missle, we can’t decide which.

AMD CPUs are also needed but support is available in third party players including Adobe Flash, Windows Media player and Cyberlink PowerDVD.

The new drivers also enable hardware acceleration of MPEG4 video. which is nice.

Grab your new Catalyst 11.6 drivers here.

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