Component suppliers out of pocket

Yorkshire PC builder Cube goes bust owing ?1.2m

The closure of Yorkshire-based PC builder Cube Enterprises stands to put trade creditors more than £1.2 million out of pocket, according to a Register report.

Citing a leaked director’s report, the Reg said ‘deflationary pricing’ and a rise in tablet computers were responsible for the firm going to the wall in May. The report also said that creditors were unlikely to recoup money owed by the PC builder.

Cube director Robert Drye had reportedly placed hopes on a new hardware configuration tool to allow customisation of consumer PCs to order. The service would be sold through the web and indies PC stores with Cube providing the ‘back-end’ PC build.

The largest creditors were component suppliers Computer 2000, Ingram Micro, Enta Group, VIP and Avnet. Enta Group boss Jon Atherton told the Register that UK system builders should look beyond ‘shifting boxes’ and into IT services rather than compete with ‘global PC monsters’.

While Cube succeeded in launching the system configuration tool, integrating it with retailers was going to take longer than a year, according to the report. A year they didn’t have, it seems.

Cube traded as

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