Rumours suggest it could be as much as 8 euros per iPhone

Apple could face 420 million euro Nokia bill

Nokia may have netted up to 420 million Euros in the recent settlement with Apple regarding smartphone patents, according to a Deutsche Bank analyst.

Quoting the figure in a research note, Deutsche Bank analyst Kai Korschelt calculated the figure by assuming Apple would pay a one per cent royalty rate on all iPhones sold previously.

Kai said the figure was typical among recent settlements between technology giants. Patent analyst Florian Mueller, having recently gloated about correctly predicting the settlement, tweeted that he thought an also-rumoured figured of 8 euros per iPhone, or nearer 5 per cent, to be ‘plausible’.

Mueller called the structure of the settlement in the form of a one off payment and ongoing royalties as ‘very telling’, saying it was the hallmark of ‘serious money’ for Nokia.

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