Software giant joins organization looking to set up a UK 'code of practice' for the cloud

Microsoft adds weight to Cloud Industry Forum

Microsoft UK has thrown its not insubstantial weight behind the Cloud Industry Forum, an organisation looking to lay down a ‘code of practice’ for cloud computing

The CIF has so far produced a number of white papers on the sector. As well as a code of practice, it also appears to be pushing the idea of certification for business involved in selling it – as well as generally promoting the idea of the cloud.

Getting Microsoft on board will of course add significant legitimacy to any such campaign – but the operation does appear to have a particular UK focus. Critics may argue that having a nationally-centric organisation or code of practice runs counter to the borderless, international nature of the cloud.

Janet Gibbons, director of partner strategy and programmes at Microsoft, said: “Microsoft has been following the work of the Cloud Industry Forum over the past few years with interest and we fully support its aspirations to champion the adoption of cloud services. We share a common goal: improving consumer confidence in the Cloud. This lies behind our investment in the ‘Cloud Power’ campaigns and is the driving force behind the push for a Code of Practice, as promoted by the Cloud Industry Forum.

“With over 10,000 corporate customers already using Windows Azure, we are firmly at the forefront of the market and we felt the time was now right to endorse the work of the Cloud Industry Forum in championing its certified Code of Practice throughout the Cloud supply chain, building confidence in Cloud solutions for ever increasing numbers of users.”

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