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Nvidia commissions Duke Nukem PC

Nvidia commissioned a Duke Nukem-themed custom PC to coincide with the release of Duke Nukem Forever.

Richard Surroz, aka DarthBeavis, took several months to build the ‘Hail to the King’ project from the ground up. Built out of three ‘pods’, the system features top-of-the-line Nvidia hardware and Asus 3D monitors.

Three radiators are connected in an innovative acrylic manifold system which effectively turns the pods into radiators. Oh and it’s got a minigun.

The impressive custom PC was unveiled at the Duke Nukem Forever release party. Sadly on the basis of subsequent reviews of the 14-year delayed Duke Nukem sequel, it seems entirely likely that more effort went into building this PC than the making the game.

See the Duke Nukem Forever PC mod here. Warning: Flash and Java.

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