VIDEO: HP show you what the TouchPad can do

HP highlights TouchPad multitasking

HP has released a slew of YouTube videos promoting the firm’s upcoming WebOS-powered TouchPad tablet PC.

The world’s largest PC maker uploaded a total of nine YouTube videos following last week’s announcement that the firm’s debut WebOS tablet will arrive on the 1st of July.

Beginning with an introduction called Getting to know the HP TouchPad, the firm takes a ‘speeds and feeds’ approach to getting across what the TouchPad is all about.

The introduction video begins by saying: "We designed WebOS to manage multiple tasks simultaneously," before making a good account of the new WebOS multitasking features including grouping of tasks into ‘stacks’ of similar tasks.

In a seperate video focusing on multitasking, HP’s monotonous presenter takes a shot at Apple by saying: "multitasking was a core design element from the start, and it shows."

Dare we say it, it does actually show. Only Android 3.0 has really managed to cram desktop like multitasking into a tablet UI but HP’s TouchPad presentation looks like it may have raised the bar.

The videos also focus on interoperability between HP devices such as answering an incoming phone call on a WebOS smartphone with the TouchPad. The firm claimed one of the ‘coolest’ features is the ‘Touch to Share’ feature which transfers web pages from one device to another merely by touching them.

"With it’s screaming fast graphics, the TouchPad is an awesome gaming platform," said the presenter while showing off a full screen 3D game. "The detail is simply amazing," he added.

Most of the videos are elaborations on the features highlighted in three minute introductory video you can see below:

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