Distributor takes on battery company

Gem signs deal with Contour Energy Systems

Gem Distribution has signed a new partnership with Contour Energy Systems.

The firm specialises in rechargeable battery systems.

"Contour is a company that possess some of the most exciting new technologies ever seen, so we needed a high calibre partner with the respect of the industry to help us market our game-changing products, for me, GEM was the only choice and we are excited to work with them in ‘reshaping portable power," said Simon-Lee-Overy, Contour’s European Managing Director.

Katie Rawlings, head of marketing for Gem added: "Gem always look to provide innovative products to its customers and by partnering with Contour we believe this keeps us on track and up to date with customer demands, Contour is an extremely respected brand, adding to the quality portfolio of products Gem look after. I’m especially delighted in this partnership and look forward to working more closely with Contour going forwards." Katie Rawlings, Head of Marketing for Gem

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