New iOS 5 feature strikingly similar to rejected app

Apple Wi-Fi sync ‘rip-off’ claim

A University of Birmingham student said he was shocked to discover the similarity of the new Apple iOS 5 Wi-Fi Sync feature to his previously rejected application.

Greg Hughes Wi-Fi Sync application was rejected fro the iTunes App Store in May of last year according to a Register report. An Apple developer relations representative called to deliver the bad news, reportedly telling Hughes that the firm’s engineers were ‘impressed’ by the app.

With his Wi-Fi Sync rejected on the basis of ‘unspecified security concerns’, Hughes went on to publish the app on jailbroken iPhone App store Cydia where it shifted more than 50,000 copies at$9.99 a time.

On Monday Apple unveiled iOS 5 with an identically named Wi-Fi Sync feature and a logo with a striking similarity to that of Hughes’ Wi-Fi Sync icon.

Coincidence or rip-off? You decide.

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