Finally does HD video too

Nintendo unveils updated Wii U with touchscreen controller

Nintendo lifted the lid on the firm’s updated Wii console, the bafflingly named Wii U, which the firm said would broaden the reach of the console beyond casual gamers.

Finally entering the realm of high-definition gaming, the Nintendo Wii U will now be capable of generating 1080p video and hooking up via the HDMI digital interface as well as adding multichannel audio via HDMI as well.

Curiously the updated console will also sport a new controller which includes a 6.2-inch touch screen as well as traditional button controls and analog pads.

Resembling something more like a hand held games console in their own right, the controllers also have speakers, a camera, microphone and a stylus.

The new console will also be backwards compatible with Wii games and is based on a new IBM-made power processor. As is typical of Nintendo, few other technical details were unveiled but the Wii U will also have USB 2.0 connectors and support new proprietary high-density format disks.

The Wii U will launch some time in 2012.

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