Vendor adds additional facilities as well as slew of research projects

Intel announces new research centre

Intel has announced that it will create a Science and Technology Centre at the University of California in Berkeley, and has unveiled 35 new research projects at its 9th annual Research at Intel event.

The new centre will be hosted by UC Berkeley and takes the form of a collaborative framework for security research between Intel and a number of leading universities. It represents the next $15 million stage in Intel’s five-year $100 million programme to boost university research and innovation.

“The co-principal investigators from Intel and UC Berkeley will lead a talented team of researchers from across the country to address today’s most challenging problems in computer security,” said Intel’s CTO Justin Rattner.

“Forming a multidisciplinary community of Intel, faculty and graduate student researchers will lead to fundamental breakthroughs in one of the most difficult and vexing areas of computing technology.”

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