New report highlights risks of bringing phones and tablets to work

ISF offers advice on securing consumer devices

Independent body the Information Security Forum has launched a new report – Securing Consumer Devices – which provides information on how to handle the increasing numbers of consumer devices that are being brought into the workplace.

The organisation believes that businesses underestimate the number and power of devices that are regularly being brought into workplaces. If items like mobile phones or tablets are misused, business data could easily be damaged or left unprotected.

Steve Durbin, Global Vice President, ISF, outlined what he felt were the benefits of the firm’s report: “Consumerisation is a fast-moving trend that organisations are struggling to keep up with and this report provides the first detailed examination of consumer device security, the challenges and the solutions.

“As well as this report, we are delighted to announce that the ISF is establishing a Securing Mobile Devices Special Interest Group (SIG) to provide a collaborative environment for Members to keep on top of the rapid pace of change in this area.”

A summary of the report is available here.

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