Cisco predicts growth in internet usage but also says connection speed will improve

Global web traffic expected to quadruple

Cisco has predicted that the number of internet connected devices will outnumber humans on the planet by two to one, and that online traffic will quadruple by 2015.

Research conducted by the networking specialist forecasts that within five years, internet traffic will grow to encompass three billion users, generating 966 exabytes of data per year.

In addition to these figures, Cisco also predicts that internet connection speeds will improve fourfold, going from a current average of 7Mbps to 28Mbps.

“The explosive growth in Internet data traffic, especially video, creates an opportunity in the years ahead for optimizing and monetizing visual, virtual and mobile Internet experiences,” said Cisco’s vice president of worldwide service provider marketing, Suraj Shetty.

“As architect of the next-generation Internet, Cisco stands ready to help our customers not only accommodate this rapid expansion of Internet activity through the evolution of their networks but also help them thrive as a result of it.”

See the video below for a brief on Cisco’s findings.

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