Apple third-party developer in the firing line

‘Patent troll’ Lodsys defies Apple and files against iOS devs

Despite being warned by Apple against pursuing legal claims against iOS developers, Lodsys filed legal actions against a number of iOS developers alleging parent infringement.

Unsurprisingly the legal volley was filed the famously ‘patent troll’-friendly district court of East Texas, naming seven defendants according to a Foss patents report.

App developers of Mega Poker Online Texas Holdem, Twitterriffic, Labyrinth, Quickoffice Connect, Hearts and Daggers and Shadow Era were among those named.

Foss Patents’ Florian Meuller said that the legal letters previously send out now leave the app developers open to so-called ‘willful infringement’ which could result in triple damages under US law.

Last week Lodsys denied the claims made in Apple’s letter, saying: "Apple is not ‘undisputedly licensed’" with rights that extend to 3rd party Developers."

"This could still get quite unpleasant for some app devs," said Meuller.

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