Bootable CD/USB will remove nasties AV software can't reach

Microsoft release Standalone System Sweeper anti-malware tool

Microsoft has launched a new beta malware removal tool called Standalone System Sweeper.

The system recovery software is designed to help users scan for malware before starting Windows, thus allowing removal of viruses and trojans which may not be possible via traditional anti-virus software.

32-bit and 64-bit versions are available and the application burns bootable CDs or will copy files to a USB drive. The installer suggests that the application is designed to be run when directed from Microsoft’s Windows Security Essentials anti-virus software.

Standalone System Sweeper requires Windows XP SP3 through to Windows 7. When installing the application an internet connection is needed to fetch the latest virus definitions which will be installed on to the CD or USB.

You can download Standalone System Sweeper from Microsoft at this link.

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