US Android users download 582MB a month

Android users hungry for data

A Nielsen report on US smartphone market share has found that Android users have the heaviest data consumption.

Nielsen said smartphone usage continued to grown in popularity and that 37 per cent of US citizens had a smartphone and that of those Android lead in market share with 36 per cent compared to runner-up Apple on 26 per cent.

iPhone owners were found to download more applications than Android, leading 79 to 74 per cent according to the report, but Android users conbsumed more data with an astonishing average of 582MB per month versus iPhone users on 492MB.

Compared with Nielsen’s previous report, iOS gained one per cent market share, Android gained 3 per cent while the BlackBerry fell 6 per cent.

The report was also one of the first to show data specific to Windows Phone rather than lumping it in with legacy Windows Mobile handsets. The data shows that so far, at least, Windows Phone hasn’t exactly set the US market alight with just one per cent market share.

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