Disruption will be Intel's loss, they say

Nvidia questions the future of the ‘classic PC’

Nvidia used an editorial to call into question the future of the traditional PC given the rise of mobile computing devices.

In a sponsored content article appearing on the DigiTimes presented as a ‘sit down’ with Nvidia marketing boss Dan Vivoli, Nvidia highlighted the rapid growth of smartphone devices as evidence of a ‘tear’ in mobile computing.

Vivoli went on to suggest that the computing industry is "currently undergoing a disruption that is seen every few years," drawing parallels with work station computers replacing mini computers and the rise of Intel’s x86 processors.

Perhaps an unsurprisingly view for a graphics vendor but Vivoli went on to claim that as processing power increased in all devices, graphics processors would be the ‘differentiator’.

Vivoli reserved professional applications and gaming as areas where the ‘classic PC’ had more headroom. Areas where Nvidia is happy enough to sell high performance GPUs naturally enough.

"For many years there is going to be a happy cohabitation between traditional PCs and mobile computing devices and consumers will be the beneficiary."

However Nvidia boss Huang Jen-hsun said that the firm’s ARM-based processors would cut into the traditional PC area, including super computing where the firm already has a great deal of success with the firm’s Tesla GPU computing solutions.

The Nvidia boss was also pessimistic that Intel would see success with the firm’s Atom-based tablet PCs unveiled at Computex.

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