Sophie gets renamed to Hollie

Google airs first British TV advertising

Google aired internet giant’s first UK TV advert during the Champions League football final.

The advert promoted the firm’s own web browser, Chrome, using an advert that has been previously seen in the US as a father documents the life of his daughter.

Although at some point Google decided Hollie was a more British name than Sophie and renamed the daughter in the localised advert.

Google’s advertising in the UK has until now been limited to billboards and posters but the new 90 second prime time advert shows the firm is serious about capturing additional market share for Google products and services.

The advert shows the girl’s father recording the life of his growing daughter using a variety of Google services including Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps.

The US version has been something of a hit on YouTube with over 1.2 million views. So far the British version has managed a paltry 15,000.

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