VIDEO: Dynamic lighting and physics on Tegra 'super chip'

Nvidia unveils ‘Glowball’ demo of upcoming Kal-El mobile chip

Nvidia have unveiled a demonstration of the graphics specialist’s upcoming Tegra mobile chip codenamed Kal-El.

Describing the ‘Tegra super chip’ as the ‘world’s first mobile quad-core processor’, Nvidia said that Kal-El combines a quad-core ARM CPU with a 12-core graphics core that supports stereoscopic 3D.

Unveiling a video demonstration called "glowball" running on an prototype Android Honeycomb device which shows off dynamic lighting and some impressive physics.

"It’s clear that the quad-core processor in Project Kal-El is required for this level of realism," wrote Nvidia representative Matt Wuebbling on the Nvidia blog.

The demo also allows disabling of two cores, at which point the Glowball demo becomes noticably jerky. Nvidia said the demo would be made available on he Android marketplace when Kal-El-powered tablets arrive.

You can see the Glowball demo below:

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