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Confident that tablet platform will be ARM not Intel

ARM aims for over half of mobile PC market by 2015

British processor designer ARM said that the firm aims to capture over 50 per cent of the mobile PC market by 2015.

Speaking at the Computex trade show in Taipei, ARM president Tudor Brown said: "Today we have about 10 percent market share. By the end of 2011, we believe we will have about 15 percent of that market share as tablets grow."

ARM also revealed that the firm has begun to license the next-generation Cortex A15 processor which the firm said offers a five-fold performance improvement over the current generation of ARM processors while drawing no additional power.

The bold claim signals that ARM is confident the firm’s next-generation of processors will be able to see off competition from Intel, despite Intel’s promise to leverage so-called ‘breaththrough’ 3D transistors in upcoming low-power Atom CPUs.

Brown highlighted ARM’s ‘ecosystem’ of partners, including a wide array of chipmakers that licence and incorporate ARM processor cores within highly integrated chipsets prevalent in mobile computing platforms.

The success of this approach, Brown said, enabled more than 25 billion ARM cores to be sold so far.

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