Report suggests $449 for 10-inch model

Amazon-branded Android tablet to take aim at expensive rivals

Upcoming Amazon-branded tablets may be priced aggressively to compete with existing Android tablets if pricing suggested by a PC Mag report turns out to be correct.

Opining that Amazon had the ‘best shot at being Apple’s only real competition’ in the tablet market, PC Mag’s Tim Bajarin said ;sources’ suggested that the 10-inch model may cost around US$449 and as little as US$349 for the 7-inch version.

"While this would surely be a competitive offering against Apple’s iPad, I believe Amazon’s move would be aimed more at the other Android competitors," Bajarin said.

Amazon has seen great success with the aggressively priced Kindle e-reader, recently announcing that software sales had bloomed to the point aht the firm now sells more Kindle books than paper-based books.

Bajarin suggested that Amazon considered the fragmented nature of the Amazon market and the inherent difficulty in other manufacturers creating their own brand "fully integrated app store, media cloud, and storage solution."

Amazon has already launched a curated Android App store. The firm having recently launched an advert-supported version of the Kindle and an even lower price, also raises the possibility of a similar move with the firm’s Android tablets when they eventually arrive later this year.

Amazon chief Jeff Bezos refused to confirm the devices but said that if they were to arrive then they would be complementary with the firm’s E-ink based Kindle.

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