New 'channel switcher' lets users switch between versions

Firefox 5 enters beta

Browser developer Mozilla has released the first beta version of Firefox 5, not long after the launch of Firefox 4.

The reason for a beta release soon soon after Firefox 4 is down a new strategy to provide more frequent releases in a development cycle which the firm is hoping can bring new features, performance enhancements and security updates more quickly than in the past.

Firefox 5 has already spent five weeks in the so-called Firefox Aurora development channel and the new browser includes the a new ‘channel switcher’ capability which allows users to switch between the development version, beta version and release channels.

The new approach means users can test bleeding edge features but go back to a stable version in case they run into difficulties.

The download page is also offering users the ability to download Firefox from one of the three release channels from the outset. The beta channel is currently offering Firefox 5.0 beta 2.

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