HAVE YOUR SAY: Neurological scans show similarities in how iPads and religion are processed

Brains process Apple products in same way as religion

It doesn’t take much for a furious exchange to flair up over Apple and Microsoft. Or Apple and Google. Or Apple and Adobe. Or Greenpeace, while we’re at it.

Whether in their historic minority status, or their more recent colonisation of the mass market, Apple fans have often been dubbed a ‘cult’ by more hysterical critics and advocates of rival platforms. But now it seems there may be some solid(ish) science facts to back up such accusations.

This week a BBC documentary entitled ‘Secrets of the Superbrands’ showed evidence suggesting that in Apple fans, iPods and iPhones stimulate the same areas of the brain as religious imagery does in believers.

A team of neuroscience boffins showed detailed MRI scans of an Apple fan boy’s brain, cross-referencing with that of people of faith. The assertion is that the subject processed his gizmos in the same way as a Bishop would a divine moment.

You might expect this suggestion to be met with some hostile reaction from the church, however it seemed to chime well with the Bishop of Buckingham, who was also interviewed explaining how similar Apple is to a religion.

So, is the iPad your bible? Is the Mac the Messiah?

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