Have your say: Valve's puzzler attacked by American news channel for 'mocking adopted children'

Portal 2 slammed as ‘insensitive’ by US media

Portal 2, Valve’s physics bending puzzle game, has been attacked for being ‘insensitive’ to adopted children.

With no real violence, guns, swearing, or nudity to speak of, you could have been forgiven for thinking Portal 2 would fly under the radar of the usual hysterical elements of the media. However American news network WBTV jumped on the already well laden bandwagon this week with piece attacking the seemingly innocuous smash hit.

It cites one scene in particular where a robotic character (voiced by comic Stephen Merchant) has a line mocking another character, using the term ‘fatty, fatty no parents.’

An interviewed parent of an adopted child stated that he "didn’t know what to do" when he heard this piece of dialogue. Adding that he "still doesn’t know what to do."

You can see the video below. Let us know what you think in our comments section.


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