Turns out he's an amateur radio buff

GCHQ spook urges curb on power line networking

Codebreakers GCHQ moved to renounce a leaked letter from one of the secretive organisation’s staff which had raised concerns of radio interference of power line networking.

The letter warned that a lack of conformity with existing electromagnetic radiation standards, particularly in the HF, VHF and UHF spectrums, was likely to have a ‘detrimental affect’ on the the ‘core business’ of GCHQ.

The letter said that the spying outfit was "already measuring an increase in the HF noise floor" near by listening stations.

Having originally been written in March, the document was leaked to an anti powerline networking pressure group in May. GCHQ subsequently issued a DA notice to much of the British media requesting that the document not be linked and the GCHQ staff member not be named.

Telcoms regulator Ofcom told eWeek there are around 1.8 million pairs of powerline networking equipment operating in the UK and that the firm had received 272 complaints about interference.

All of them came from amateur radio operators, they said. eWeek also revealed that the named GCHQ letter author was the chair of an amateur radio group.

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