Predicts heavy consolidation in future

Packard Bell says tablet market doesn?t have room for everybody

Having unveiled its debut tablet computer last month, Packard Bell has told PCR it believes the number of players in the market will contract in the coming years, though actual sales figures will skyrocket.

And the firm believes it and its sister-firm Acer are well placed to take significant share of this upsurge, even if the market is unable to maintain the current number of players.

“If you look at the predictions, the market will grow in the range of 100 per cent year-on-year in the coming years worldwide,” said Luca Rossi, PB vice president. “So that means there is an estimation of 50 million units in 2011, 100 million in 2012, and 150 million in 2013. So there will be exponential growth.”

“Personally I think there will be a concentration – the current market leader will continue with all the significant share. We have an aspiration for significant share as well. So I do not believe the market has room for everybody. Lets say the top three to four players will hold 90 or 95 per cent of the share. If you look at it this it is similar to the rest of the PC industry.”

However despite high hopes for its own tablet devices, Rossi does not believe that market leader Apple and its iPad can be dislodged from the top-spot anytime soon.

“It is my personal opinion, that doesn’t necessarily reflect the corporate one, that Apple will continue to hold all the significant share. In the next year or two I don’t see any reason why they would lose the number one spot, but their dominance will be reduced significantly in terms of market share.” 

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