Next-gen networks essential to meet surging demand

Ofcom says 4G to deliver 230% more bandwidth

British telecoms watchdog Ofcom announced the results of research which indicated that 4G mobile networks could offer 230 per cent greater capacity with the same radio spectrum.

The regular moved to advance the benefits of advanced next-generation mobile technology, saying the increased capacity was essential in order to meet the UK’s rapid increase in mobile traffic.

The growth in data traffic was fueled by the growth of smartphones and mobile broadband data services such as video streaming, email, messenger services, mapping services and social networking, Ofcom said.

"4G mobile technologies will be able to send more information than 3G, for a given amount of spectrum," said Ofcom CTO Dr Stephen Unger.

"This increased efficiency means that 4G networks will be able to support increased data rates and more users."

Ofcom’s research also anticipated that the so-called ‘spectral efficiency’ would increase to 450% of 3G by the year 2020.4G mobile networks are due to begin appearing from 2013.

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