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Chipmaker 'fast tracks' mobile CPU development

Intel ‘Silvermont’ next-gen Atom to go after ARM

Intel has a new Atom CPU architecture in the pipeline codenamed ‘Silvermont’ which will make ‘major strides in power efficiency’ according to a CNET report.

Citing industry sources familiar with the plans,CNET said that the architecture overhall would include the recently anounced ‘3D’ tri-gate transistor breakthrough in order to deliver a system-on-chip design suitable for smartphones and table computers.

The report said Intel’s low-power Atom architecture was ‘on the fast track’ as the firm looks to introduce competetive products into the booming mobile market in order to compete with the ARM juggernaut which currently dominates the category.

Silvermont is still some ways off, however, with the next-gen mobile processor expected to arrive in 2013.

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