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Bezos says 'stay tuned' for Amazon Android tablet

Amazon tablet wont replace the Kindle

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos suggested that an upcoming Amazon-branded tablet PC would exist side by side with the firm’s Kindle e-reader devices.

Speaking to Consumer Reports in an interview, Bezos merely said ‘stay tuned’ regarding the much rumoured upcoming Android-powered Amazon tablet. The DigiTimes citing component suppliers had earlier claimed the Amazon tablet was due to ship later this year.

Amazon has already launched the firm’s own-brand Android application store, offering a curated experience rather than the famously free-for-all and occasionally safety compromised official Google Android Marketplace.

"We will always be very mindful that we will want a dedicated reading device," Bezos told Consumer Reports.

The Amazon boss said that the Kindle wouldn’t gain a colour E-ink screen any time soon, describing the current state of such non-monochrome E-ink displays as able to provide "very pale" colours.

Bezos did, however, say the technology was being improved and that it was a technology that "you could build a fantastic product around," he said.

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