How do they know? They asked iPad buyers.

Tablets not to blame for PC decline says NPD

NPD has claimed that the iPad has nothing to do with the decline of the PC market, calling claims of cannabalisation of notebook computers "most assuredly incorrect."

The market research outfit’s Apple iPad Owner Study II report said that ‘only’ 14 percent of early iPad adopters had chosen the tablet over a PC purchase and that the figure dropped to ‘just’ 12 per cent over the last holiday period.

The firm went on to claim that cannibalisation of netbooks has fallen yet further and that the fall PC sales is because of an "explosion of computer sales" following the launch of Windows 7.

"The conventional wisdom that says tablet sales are eating into low-priced notebooks is most assuredly incorrect," said NPD analyst Stephen Baker.

"Overall it appears that the vast majority of iPad purchases to-date have been incremental to the consumer technology industry," he added.

NPD also said that consumers were indifferent to 3G connectivity in the iPad, with sales of the WiFi-only iPad increasing 33 per cent. However over two-thirds of iPads are still 3G-equipped models so they’re obviously not that indifferent.

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