Retailer acknowledges challenging start to UK roll-out but renews commitment to customer service and tablets

Best Buy prepared for further losses

Best Buy is ready to accept further losses as it continues its UK roll-out, but has stated that it remains committed to customer service as its key differentiator in the marketplace.

Ahead of the opening of its latest store in Hayes, Best Buy’s head of computing Renee Wright told PCR that although the retailer was expecting strong growth from its trading stores, the ongoing expansion plan would entail additional costs.

“I think the realities of opening a business mean that there’s a lot of costs that come with that, so you have to accept those exceptional costs that are going to affect your bottom line.

So whilst you’re in a roll-out programme, a guarantee of profitability is actually not achievable,” said Wright. “The reality is that we’re looking for really strong growth within the trading stores that we’ve got, but naturally we do have a roll-out programme ongoing and there will be some costs associated with that.”

To ensure continued growth in those stores that are already trading, Best Buy has confirmed that it will be continuing its commitment to customer service as a means to get ahead in the UK market.

“It’s challenging out there but we’ve really enjoyed the challenge of launching at this time, because if you’re winning in this space, you’re really winning,” noted Wright. “We’re still out there to win the customer. We’re here to revolutionise the market for customers and make sure they’re coming to Best Buy instead of someone else.”

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