Insider account of 'ruthless' internal culture

Apple’s Jobs ‘doesn’t tollerate duds’

Steve Jobs has been revealed to be a hard taskmaster in a new Fortune article that describes a ‘ruthless corporate culture.’

Attempting to answer the question of "How does Apple do it?", Fortune magazine published an insider exposé which recalls a number of examples including how Jobs dealt with the frosty reception to the first version of MobileMe.

Calling them team together, the Apple chief called for someone to explain what the iPhone-finding MobileMe was designed to do, following up with: "So why the fuck doesn’t it do that?"

Jobs reportedly unleashed a tirade against the team, saying that the launch had "tarnished Apple’s republication" and that it had turned influential Wall Street Journal writer Walt Mossberg against the company.

The story gives some clue as to Apple’s sometimes puzzling refusal to admit error in a PR strategy that has been called excuse-by-committee. Yet apparently such heavy handed management tactics yield results with the iPhone-maker’s fortunes soaring in recent years under Jobs’ watchful eye.

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