Firm reacts to threats of a retail boycott

Steam is good news for retail, says Valve

Jason Holtman, the chief of Valve’s digital distribution network Steam, has said that the success of the service is nothing but good news for retail.

Last year our sister title MCV learnt that a number of key chains were considering a boycott of any Steam enabled games as they feared once purchased, the titles would lure customers away from the High Street and toward digital retail.

"Steam is good for retail. If you look at some examples of things we’ve done in the past, it shows that," Holtman said.

"From time to time, we have people react to us in that way. But the proof in the pudding is when you look a few months after those articles and those flare-ups happen. Retailers are still stocking those games, they are supporting them. And the reason they are stocking those games isn’t because someone won a war, it’s because these products are successful.

"It’s good to stock a game with Steamworks integrated. It’s good business. People want them. It makes customers happy."

MCV has the full story.

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