Facebook, Google etc will run into 'limits of physics'

Ethernet bandwidth log-jam ahead

The IEEE standards group has made the first move towards a next-generation Ethernet standard with plans to submit a report next year.

With internet giants Google and Facebook saying that they will need almost unthinkably fast terabit networks by 2013, according to the EE Times, moves have already begun to reach past the current 40 and 100 Gbit/second speeds which are only now appearing on the market.

However component manufacturers have warned that the Terabit goal is "unrealistic" with the current 25 Gbit/s serial rate, delivering up to 100 Gbit/s via four-lanes, remaining a focus of development.

Chair of the new IEEE Ethernet Bandwidth Assessment Ad Hoc, John D’Ambrosia, warned that customers may need to "go back and sharpen their pencils" due to ultra high speed data connections "running into the limits of physics."

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