Says move is like 'airport fast check-in'

Plusnet unveils prioritised traffic service

British ISP Plusnet has unveiled a bolt-on service to broadband plans which ‘gives priority to gamers & homeworkers’ at a cost of an additional £5 monthly.

The firm said the Plusnet Pro option prioritises traffic "so even at busy times you’ll never slow down." Gamers were specifically called out as having ‘faster and smoother’ access while VPN traffic was also prioritised for home working users.

"Just like paying a little extra to do a fast check-in at the airport, Plusnet Pro is for users who want to ensure the best possible internet experience," said Plusnet boss Jamie Ford.

Ford went on to call the new opt-in prioritised traffic service as the "best service accessible to all" given the lack of wider availabilty of fibre-based broadband. However it’s not clear what the effect will be on Plusnet customers who do not opt for the package, it seems unlikely their service would be unaffected.

"Prioritising service isn’t simply about managing capacity at peak times, it is also about experience," added Ford.

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