Is it really much thinner?

Windows Thin PC release candidate in testing

Microsoft has unveiled a release candidate test version of Windows Thin PC, a product designed to re purpose older PCs as so-called thin clients.

Windows Thin PC is a new version of an older product Microsoft offered called Windows Embedded Started 7 which was used for embedded systems such a kiosks. The RC of Windows Thin PC is now available for public testing with a final version due before the end of June.

While the software is designed to extend the life of older systems, thus saving enterprise customers money in hardware upgrades to run ‘full fat’ Windows 7, last week Anandtech’s Andrew Cunningham said of Windows Thin PC: "you’re still not going to get this running on the Pentium II box stashed in your attic."

Cunningham pointed out that while hard drive space used by Windows Thin PC was substantially less than the full Windows 7, CPU and memory requirements are "much more similar," adding that running Windows Thin PC would on a low-power Intel Atom CPU would still be a ‘slog.’

Windows Thin PC will not be made available to consumers and is aimed exclusively at volume licence customers.

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