Samsung acquisition means 40 per cent market share

Seagate introduce world’s first 1TB-per-platter hard drive

Seagate has introduced the world’s first 1TB per platter hard drive offering the world’s highest hard drive area density of 625 gigabits per square inch.

"We remain keenly focused on delivering the storage capacity, speed, and manageability our customers need to thrive in an increasingly digital world," said Seagate sales and marketing boss Rocky Pimentel on the introduction of the 1TB per platter GoFlex drive.

The GoFlex 3.5-inch drive will be available in 1, 1.5, 2 and 3TB capacities and will first become available in a range of external hard drive products.

Supply chain analysts IHS iSupply said that Seagate is on track to control an estimated 40 per cent of the hard drive market following the recently announced acquisition of Samsung’s hard drive business.

iSupply said that the combined hard drive shipments of the two firms was 652 million drives in 2010. The acquisition places Seagate closer to the world number one Western Digital with 50 per cent of the market.

"Overall, the reduction from five to three manufacturers considerably improves the stability and efficiency of the HDD industry," said iSupply analyst Fang Zahang.

Fang also suggested that the recent consolidation meant that the main players recognised that trading conditions will "become more challenging in the future."

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