Will set you back nearly fifty grand

Phase One IQ180 offers 80 megapixels

Professional photography specialist Phase One has introduced the IQ180 digital back which houses an 80 megapixel image sensor, the highest the firm has offered yet.

Each of the images taken by the IQ180 are larger than 500MB in size and if printed at normal print resolution would be over 80cm across. The camera requires the use of custom image capture software and comes in at a cool US $48,000 with an 80mm f/2.8 lens.

Wired took the IQ180 for a spin and was impressed with the resolution and touch screen interface but added that the device was extremely heavy on batteries when untethered. Despite the professional focus, Wired’s Jon Snyder said the IQ180 was "one of the easiest-to-use pieces of photographic capture equipment that I’ve ever laid my hands on."

Snyder did admit the IQ180 is strictly for professionals that could justify the huge price tag, adding that "the rest of us will just rent one to use for a few hours on an as-needed basis."

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