Users must tighten up online identity

BullGuard advises consumers on data protection

In the wake of Sony’s PSN and SOE data breaches, security software firm BullGuard has offered advice to consumers eager to protect their online identities.

While Sony executives have recently apologised, after admitting ten million credit cards may have been stolen, BullGuard believes consumers should be taking steps to protect themselves.

“Sony subscribers need to be aware that the information stolen could be used in a multitude of ways by very clever, skilled fraudsters that are adept at collecting information for identity theft. This information could be used tomorrow or in a year’s time, so it is essential to be on guard and implement basic measures for complete peace of mind,” says BullGuard CTO, Claus Villumsen. “The only thing that we can be virtually certain of is that the information has now been parcelled up and sold on black exchanges – illegal market places where digital information is traded as any other commodity.”

BullGuard suggests that Sony subscribers should:

  • Change username and passwords for unrelated accounts that use the same username and/or password as the Sony account. Change security questions and password on Sony account.
  • Closely monitor account statements and credit reports. Get a fraud alert on your credit card, or cancel it and get a new one.
  • Avoid social media applications that ask to access your personal information to allow you to continue.
  • As much as possible, limit the personal information that you make public on social media websites.
  • Only download applications that are provided by a trusted source.
  • Be suspicious of any emails that request your personal information no matter how legitimate they may seem.

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