Quanta to build tablet with iPad-beating display

Amazon tablet to arrive this year, claims report

Amazon has placed an order for tablet computers to appear as Amazon-branded devices later this year, according to Taiwanese industry watcher, the DigiTimes.

Notebook giant Quanta has been tasked with building the tablet and Hydis has been tasked with providing a touch panel as well as display enhancing technology known as Fringe Field Switching (FFS) according to DigiTimes sources in the component supply chain industry.

The volume is expected to reach 700 to 800 thousands units during the peak season, according to the sources. Given that Amazon has launched an Amazon-branded Android application store, the tablet is widely expected to be based on Android, incorporating e-reader functionality from the Kindle.

The choice of Hydis’ FFS technology appears to suggest the firm considers features of the display will be a vitally competetive aspect in the tablet market. The Kindle ships with E-Ink’s distinctive paper-like electrophoretic display but the display is monochrome and the response rate far too slow to use for a general purpose tablet PC.

E-Ink subsidiary Hydis claims that the firm’s AFFS+ technology offers brighter displays with better viewing angles than the competing in-plane switching (IPS) technology used in the display of the Apple iPad.

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