LCD reigns supreme on larger-than-smartphone devices

Samsung: No AMOLED tablet this year

Korean electronics giant Samsung has said that the firm’s Super AMOLED display will not appear in tablet devices this year.

Samsung’s AMOLED displays have been well received in smartphones to the point that the firm struggled to meet demand from manufacturers keen to incorporate the competing technology to LCD.

The Korean language Digital Daily newspaper quoted Samsung managing director at the firm’s recent financial earnings call as saying the firm had no plans to produce a tablet armed with the distinctive AMOLED display.

Smartphones and tablets have renewed the technology battle between competing variants of display technology, raising consumer expectations for display quality. Rivals Sony have introduced the so-called Super LCD, widely adopted by smartphone makers.

Another premium LCD display technology, the wide viewing angle in-plane switched panel LCD (or IPS), has also become prevalent in tablets, largely thanks to Apple’s adoption of the technology.

AMOLED is known to be difficult to fabricate in larger sizes due to issues with component yeild. Meanwhile Samsung recently launched the Galaxy S II armed with a 4.3-inch next-generation AMOLED display.

It’s unclear when AMOLED displays will make it to larger format devices or if LCD will remain dominant beyond this year. 

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