Conspiracy theories abound

Facebook removes dozens of Brit activist web pages

Social networking giant Facebook has removed dozens of profile pages of British activist groups prompting accusations of political interference. 

Facebook denied that the Royal Wedding had anything to do with the removal of the profile pages, instead saying the pages were removed due to policy violations, chiefly profiles representing an organisation rather than a personal. 

The distinction is often the source of confusion with organisations instead expected to create ‘pages’ rather than ‘profiles’. The social networking giant is, however, rammed with thousands of fake identities, whether they be parody pages or protest groups.

A Facebook spokesman said that the site’s ‘culture’ gives rise to "accountability among everyone who uses the site and it is our most important safety and security mechanism," according to a New York Times blog.

Facebook said that they had already been on contact with the groups in order to tell them how to move the profiles to pages which are "designed to represent companies, groups or causes."

One of the reasons organisations prefer setting up profile pages is because ‘friends’ of profile pages receive regular updates. 

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