Researchers report on underground forum chatter

Hackers claim credit cards stolen in PlayStation Network breach

Security threat researchers have described chatter on hacker forums that suggests that those behind the Sony PlayStation Network data breach were able to make off with millions of credit cards numbers.

Trend Micro researcher Kevin Stevens told the New York Times that messages posted on the underground forums indicated that up to 2.2 million credit card numbers had been stolen along with personal information.

One had even told Stevens that the hackers were seeking a $100,000 pay day for the stolen credit card list, even offering to sell it back to Sony. The embattled electronics giant denied an offer had been made to sell back the credit card list.

Another analyst, Mathew Solnik of iSEC Partners, told the NYT that the chatter indicated hackers had "made it into the main database" which would have compromised even credit card details, Solnik said.

While 2.2 million credit card number is a major concern, it is a far cry from the 70 million customers Sony warned that their personal information had been stolen.

No researchers have said they have seen the database themselves and and hearsay from bragging hackers on forums can hardly be considered strong evidence at this stage.

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