Will be dubbed Synergy, claims report

Nvidia Optimus technology coming to desktop PCs

Nvidia is set to launch a desktop PC version of thefirm’s dynamic integrated/discreet graphics switching Optimus technology.

According to a VR-zone report, Nvidia plans to launch the new technology dubbed Synergy at the Computex show in Taipei this June.

Optimus has become a popular feature on notebook computers with Nvidia graphics, enabling powerful discreet graphics for gaming while using less battery hungry integrated graphics when performance demands are low.

While desktops don’t quite have the pressing demand to save power as notebooks do, any reduction in power will likely be greeted with enthusiasm and may have other benefits such as dampening noisy high-end video cards when not running demanding applications.

The desktop version will reportedly work with any Nvidia disgreet graphics card on H67, H61 and Z68 chipset based motherboards.

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