Expects category to be no different from smartphones

Michael Dell expects Android tablets to overtake the iPad

Dell boss Michael Dell said that while he was surprised by the success of tablet computers, business users turning to a range of platforms including PC, smartphones and tablets was a sign of continued industry growth.

Speaking in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Dell added his voice to a number of analysts that have suggested that Android tablets will eventually surpass the Apple iPad.

The Dell boss pointed out that Android had very little market share just 18 months ago and added that he expected tablets to be no different.

Dell also moved to dispell the myth of Dell’s focus on the comsumer PC business. "That’s not really at all what Dell is today," he said, pointing out that one-third of the firm’s profits were due to sales of PCs and the majority of that was not consumer business.

When asked about Dell’s entry into cloud computing and how this would compete with offerings from firms like Rackspace and Amazon, the Dell chief said the firm’s cloud offerings are aimed at larger commercial organisations.

The Journal interview with Michael Dell can be read here.

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