Reckons they should cost ?250

YouGov says tablets too expensive

Opinion poll outfit YouGov survey has claimed that a the British public would turn to tablets if they were substantially cheaper than the Apple iPad and rivals.

Just 13 per cent of 4,271 people surveyed said that they were considering a tablet purchase according to a Telegraph report. YouGov subsequently performed a price analysis with the conclusion than a price point of £250 would boost ‘latent demand’.

Referring to the recent spate of iPad rival tablets such as the Motorola Xoom, YouGov spokesman Russell Feldman said: "YouGov expects most of these tablets to fail to achieve widespread distribution."

"However, our analysis clearly demonstrates that if the pricing is right and the device is marketed at the correct audience, then there is significant latent demand."

Presumably the world’s electronic manufacturing giants will greet the revelation that cheaper devices sell more units with an appropriate level of surprise.

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