Trade body says students discouraged from further study

UK tech industry says ICT curriculum failing

The British trade association for IT, comms and electronics industries said that the current form of information and communication technologies (ICT) in national school curriculum did more harm than good.

Trade body Intellect provided a response (PDF) to the government’s review of the national school curriculum, saying that the current form of ICT curriculum should not be a compulsory programme of study. The group said the skills provided were "not meeting learners or employer’s needs."

Intellect suggested that the present "uninspiring" ICT curriculum was a leading cause for the fall in take up of advanced ICT courses. The group instead advocated a broad base of science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills, adding that ICT should be embedded across the curriculum.

The trade association also advocated additional teacher training on how ICT can be embedded into lessons across all course content.

"This is set to become even more important as we transition from a computer lab environment to a more personal device and pupil centric model," the report said.

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