Warning that employers needed to 'improving their offering'

Two thirds of IT workers considering work abroad

Figures from a leading online IT recruitment site suggested that the UK’s IT talent is increasingly considering moving overseas for fresh employment opportunities.

Figures published by IT Jobs Board showed that 67 per cent of IT workers were considering applying for IT jobs based outside the UK.

"I was very alarmed to read these statistics – clearly large numbers of UK IT professionals have either made the move overseas at some stage in their career or this is something they are planning, "said IT Job Board boss Alex Farrell.

"If this boils down to quality of the jobs on offer in the UK or low salaries, then companies need to work hard to improve their offering to attract and retain staff," added Farrel.

Farrel said that the UK could ill afford a further hit to an ongoing IT skills shortage and that the "onus lies with business managers to develop and nurture their employees and to make the UK’s IT job market an attractive one to work in," he said.

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